District Personnel

Here at Santa Cruz Valley USD, we're passionate about education and dedicated to our role as mentors to the next generation of leaders and problem solvers. As district personnel, we work together to ensure that every decision we make is in the best interest of our students, and we welcome the feedback of students, teachers, parents, and the community. Whether you prefer to contact us by phone or email, we will be happy to respond to any questions, concerns, or comments you may have.

District Wide Personnel Directory

We invite you to print a copy of the district wide personnel directory:

District Personnel Staff

Our District Staff

Superintendent's Office
David Verdugo
(520) 375-8261
Angie López
Executive Assistant
(520) 375-8261
Shannon Enciso
Communications Specialist
(520) 375-8285
Lupita Burgos
Information Specialist
(520) 375-8260
Business Services
Isela Brown
Business Manager
(520) 375-8263
Ray De La Cruz
Shipping/Receiving Clerk
(520) 375-8274
Karla Garcilazo
Payroll Clerk
(520) 375-8286
Blanca Lizarraga
Accounting Specialist
(520) 375-8269
Lourdes Ocampo
(520) 375-8272
Luz Olivarria
Food Service Clerk
(520) 375-8445
Yamil Palafox
Student Activities
(520) 375-8270

Danixa Bolaina
Accounts Payable
(520) 375-8275

Martin Rivera

Fixed Assets Tech

(520) 375-8271

Human Resources
Julieta Quiroz
HR Manager
(520) 375-8265
Maria Rivera
HR Technician
(520) 375-8273
Blanca Vega
HR Secretary
(520) 375-8267
Stephen Schadler
Assistant Superintendent
(520) 375-8268
Angie Alvarez
Administrative Specialist
(520) 375-8261
Barbara Hahn
Data Technician
(520) 375-8793
Lourdes Jeong
Grant Coordinator
(520) 375-8264
Judy Kennedy
Instructional Specialist
(520) 375-8743
Megan Padilla
Instructional Specialist,
District Assessment Coordinator
(520) 375-8747
Alex Palumbo
Instructional Specialist
(520) 375-8748
Cliff Marsom
Media Center Inventory Technician
(520) 375-8749
Family Resource Center
Jennifer Argyros
Program Director
(520) 375-8680
Bernadette Hernandez
Senior Instructional Specialist
Isabel Lechuga
Registration/Welcome Center
Cristina Pierce
(520) 375-8281
Rita Sanchez
Enrollment Specialist
(520) 375-8288
Special Education
Melisa Lunderville
Assistant Superintendent - Student Services
(520) 375-8283
Mercedes Thompson
Special Education Coordinator
(520) 375-8291
Margarita Villegas
Administrative Specialist
(520) 375-8289
 Elia Felix
Office Assistant


Steve Saint-Coeur
IT Coordinator
Marcos Gasca
IT Tech
Adan Ibarra
Network Administrator
Jorge Macias-Liria
IT Tech

Claudia Espinoza
IT Tech

Manuel Costa
IT Tech
Christopher Jimenez
Transportation Coordinator
(520) 375-8886
Judy Cota
Administrative Specialist
(520) 375-888
Alechka Nichols
Dispatch (520) 375-8885
David Zacarias