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1st day of hybrid

From the Superintendent

David Y. Verdugo

I want to encourage everyone that is eligible, to vote in the Local, State, and National Elections. It is important to vote and help make decisions that affect our community.

One item on the local ballot is the proposed SCV35 9% Override.  I am not allowed to tell you to vote for or against the measure, but I am allowed to tell you some facts about the proposed override.

The current override of 7% is one of the smallest in Arizona and it is our commitment to maintain fiscal responsibility and low tax rates. Currently even with our 7% override and new bond we have the lowest school district tax rate in all of Santa Cruz County.

On our Bond and Override Information page we have a detailed fact sheet, as well as a recording of a virtual meeting held to provide information on the proposed usage of the funds, and the cost to our constituents.

We take our partnership with the community very seriously, and are proud that we can provide a quality education yet maintain the lowest tax rate of all school districts in Santa Cruz County. Thank you for your continued support of SCV35!


David Y Verdugo signature

David Y. Verdugo

school news

RRHS student, Daniela Velazquez
Resilience and Determination: Traits of a Hawk
On a sweltering Tuesday morning in late August, RRHS junior Daniela Velazquez made a believer out of counselor Ami Kemp. “I was just … what’s the word … I was shocked and in awe,” said the school’s longtime counselor, grasping for some way to articulate the impact Velazquez had just made on her.
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Analia Mexia working in one of San Cayetano's learning spaces
Coronavirus Through The Eyes of a 5th Grader
The biggest question asked by students and adults alike, is “are we coming back to school?” For adults, the pandemic has been quite a whirlwind, and the world is just beginning to return to a semi normal state. This new normal includes a long list of structured safety procedures, such as wearing masks and maintaining six feet apart. But what about kids? How has this pandemic affected the life of a student? How much are they aware of what is going on around them? I recently had the privilege of interviewing Analia Mexia, a 5th grade student at San Cayetano Elementary to find out more about what our students are thinking.
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MVES Reading Interventionist, Mrs. Coreta Cruz, helps 3rd grader, Jake Perez complete his online assignments in the school’s Learning Space.
Mountain View Learning Space Kids
Mountain View’s Learning Space is a quiet place where students of working parents without adult supervision at home, or those lacking the technology required to access online assignments (including staff children), can go to learn. It is held in the school’s library and classrooms Monday thru Friday during school hours.
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CtMS Teacher Zane Russell
CtMS Teachers Part of UA Borderlands Program
In the midst of a teacher shortage it is good to have enthusiastic young teachers join the team. Two such teachers are on staff this year at Coatimundi Middle School, Lynsey Lampkins and Zane Russell. They are part of an alternative certification program at the University of Arizona´s Department of Education called the Borderlands Education Center. Lampkins and Russell will graduate with a Masters in Education while living and teaching here with us on the US / Mexican Border.
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Calabasas teacher Ryan Revock
Calabasas Celebrates Civics Day with a Special Guest
In 2018, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a proclamation recognizing September 25th as Sandra Day O’Connor Day to honor the first female justice to serve in the U.S. Supreme Court. He requested the Arizona Legislature name a day to honor Mrs. O’Connor, an Arizona native, and dedicate it to civics instruction. The governor’s goal is to increase knowledge of civics among the students in Arizona and who better to hold as a model for the next generations. Calabasas, along with many schools in Arizona honored the day by teaching civics to students.
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#SCV35AboveTheBar series was introduced this year to highlight the accomplishments, grit, and hardwork of staff, students and community members who have gone above the bar and shown excellence in academics, personal achievements, careers and community involvement.  



Coming up next, are interviews with Calabasas 7th grader Frank Hernandez and RRHS graduate Ariana Garcilazo.

Frank Hernandez, Calabasas School
Frank Hernandez holds a clapperboard

Frank recently interviewed Superintendent Verdugo as part of the "Getting to Know You" segment of the Cougars' morning show, "The Wake Up Call."  Frank helps produce, edit and report on school news in the student show which airs on the Calabasas airwaves four times per week. 

Watch the full episode of "The Wake Up Call" here.


  Ariana Garcilazo, 2016 RRHS Graduate

Araina Garcilazo at the presidential press conference in Prescott, AZ

Azteca Tucson reporter and 2016 graduate of RRHS Ariana Garcilazo covered the high school on their recent reopening plan.  In her short time as a reporter, she has covered the presidential visit to Prescott, an interview with the mayor, press conferences and other community pieces.



We look forward to sharing their stories with our students and community.  Our hope is that these stories will inspire you all to be above the bar.  To see Frank and Ariana's stories, subscribe to the SCV35 Communications Channel.




2020 marks the 4th year Joseph Ellison has taught theatre at RRHS. Mr. Ellison was nominated for his enthusiasm, hard work and dedication to his students and the theatre program.

"No matter what you're looking for, I can pretty much find an area that is going to have exactly what you're learning or what you're wanting to learn."

Mr. Ellison explains he has audio technicians learning how to design sounds, cosmetologists who work with latex, hair and makeup, set designers, lights, costumes and yes, actors. Listen in and you'll discover why his students have so much passion and are so successful in his program.

WARNING! Watching this video may cause viewers to join the RRHS Hawk Theatre Company.

Theatre Hawk Products Presents Information

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