RRHS Class of 2020 Scholarships

RRHS Class of 2020 Scholarships
Class of 2020

By RRHS Teacher Morgan Falkner


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, what would have been the third annual Golden Hawk Awards ceremony on May 12 for graduating RRHS seniors became instead a remote, virtual event. For event coordinator Ami Kemp, the school counselor who has spearheaded this annual event for 16 years (long before the award ceremony’s name change), going virtual meant having to problem-solve in an unprecedented way.

“It’s been quite a task, but I’ve enjoyed it,” said Ms. Kemp, who thanked all the organizations that contributed.


 What she and the counseling department did instead was to facilitate the making of videos by each of the scholarship-providers for their respective winners. Plus, the school made a video of its own for all the participating seniors.


Although scholarship announcements were still trickling in as of mid-May, at least $5.95 million had been earmarked by public and private sources for RRHS seniors. (The dollar figure is a hypothetical amount inasmuch as some students won scholarships from multiple, competing universities. Because a student can attend only one university at a time, some of the scholarships are, in effect, redundant.)


Dayanara Batriz, Bianca Cruz, and Jackie Beltran earned Shipley Family Foundation scholarships worth $1,500 each. The Tubac Rotary rewarded Cylesce Aguilera a $1,500 prize, and $1,000 each to Anacarolina Espinosa, and Eric Monge.


The Rio Rico Rotary made a $1,500 gift to Jared Fischer and $1,000 awards to Paola Palafox, Joseph Welch, Oscar Carrillo, and Mia Manjarrez. The Rio Rico/Tubac Rotary Comeback Kid award, valued at $1,000, went to Annette Chavez Save. Celina Alvarez won the $1,000 Santa Cruz Community Foundation Endowed Scholarship.


Yeney Romero garnered the $2,000 CTE Award Tubac. Palafox and Samantha Gomez won $1,000 grants awarded by the Santa Cruz Realtor Benevolent Foundation Scholarship. Palafox also won the Green Valley Military Officers Association of America, worth $1,500, and the GFWC Nogales Women’s Club Scholarship, valued at $1,100.


Unisource scholarships worth $1,000 each were garnered by Sabryna Romero-Moreno, Andrea Manriquez, and Angelica Vasquez. The South 32 award, worth $2,500, went to German Cabello. The $500 Jesus M. Cordova Foundation Scholarship went to Save.


Gomez and Taylor Lunderville won $1,000 awards issued by Santa Cruz County Cowbelles. Ten Jando Meza Memorial Scholarships were awarded to the following seniors: $850 for Mario Alvarado; $750 each for Vasquez, Luisayde Chavez, Cade Fanning, Mario Martinez, Edgar Olmos, Francine Scholnick; and $500 each for Lunderville, Briana Garcilazo, and Nicolette Pesqueira.


The Friends of SCVUSD issued $500 scholarships to those students whose GPA ranked in the top 5 percent of RRHS seniors. Recipients included the following: Abigail Cervantes Espinoza (valedictorian), Jizell Quijada (salutatorian), Lunderville, Matthew Gray, Monge, Natalie Brett, Fischer, Jose Chacon Quintero, Dora Magallanes, Alyssa Gonzalez, Espinosa, Emma Luna, Aquilera, Hector Leon, Ezra Solis, Kacie Bringas, and Romero.


 Allan Corona won the $500 CalPortland grant, and Quijada was awarded a $500 Dorrance Scholarship. Lunderville, Corona, and Jessica Paz each won $2,000 4-H prizes. Lunderville also won the $1,000 AZ State FFA Rayner Family Scholarship.


A one-time grant from the estate of Dave and Nancy Geddes was made in the amount of $500 to Romero. Gonzalez won the $2,000 Alexa Monique Memorial Scholarship. Manjarrez won the $5,000 Jacob “Buddy” Chavez award.


The Tubac Fire Department awarded $1,000 scholarships to Espinosa and Samantha Renteria. The latter also won a $1,000 prize from Nogales Professional Firefighters. 


RRHS awards for academic achievement were announced, as well. Department awards were as follows: English, Brett; Math, Monge; Science, Fischer; Social Studies, Cassandra Lara Lopez; Fine Arts, Eduardo Acuna-Arizmendi; Helpful Hawk, Anahi Gutierrez; Foreign Language, Oliani Ramirez; PE, Mario Alvarado; and CTE, Chacon Quintero.


The Principal’s Award went to Garcilazo, and Melodi Lavander won the Assistant Principal Award. The AP S.O.A.R. award went to Quinn Duerkop.


 As usual, RRHS students won dozens of scholarships from colleges and universities themselves. The University of Arizona alone issued 38 scholarships. 


Gray came away with the school’s National Hispanic Scholar award, worth $18,000. Fischer won a $13,000 Wildcat Distinction award while Monge and Solis garnered Distinction awards worth $11,000.


Quijada and Quincy Leyva won $8,000 Wildcat Excellence prizes. Excellence grants worth $6,000 went to Aguilera, Brett, Welch, Gonzalez, Espinosa, Magallanes and Bringas.


Wildcat Recognition scholarships were won by the following: $5,000 to Arelis Vega and Luna; $4,000 to Beltran, Romero, Mariajimena Aguilar, Acuna-Arizmendi, Vanessa Urias, Karime Diaz-Duarte, August Roquet, Inda Ibis and Alexander Felix; $3,000 to Batriz, Chacon Quintero, Corona, Lunderville, Palafox, Vasquez, Cielo Suarez, Shelsie Trejo, Oscar Carillo, and Erick Lopez; and $2,000 to Laura Robles and Daniel Andrews.


Luisayde Chavez won a $6,000 Arizona Recognition award, and Hector Leon won a $14,000 Arizona Excellence prize.


Northern Arizona University awarded 20 Hawk seniors scholarships. Lumberjack Scholarships valued at $10,650 went to Beltran, Trejo, Urias, Samuel Medina, and Jasmin Meras. Vasquez won an $8,000 President’s Scholarship. Dean’s Scholarships worth $5,000 were garnered by Batriz, Fanning, Luna, Romero-Moreno, Roquet, Andrea Cota, Espinosa, Alexander Felix, Kaitlin Gonzalez, Jessica Paz, Vanessa Torres, Alondra Valle, Romero, and Gabriela Vazquez.


Arizona State University issued 17 scholarships to RRHS graduates. Solis, Monge, Leyva and Andrews won the school’s President scholarship, valued at $10,000 each. Provost scholarships worth $7,000 were awarded to Quijada, Roquet, Bringas, Aguilera, and Leon. 


ASU Dean scholarships valued at $5,000 were won by Cabello, Diaz, Romero, Vega, and Glaely Ramirez-Rangel. Batriz, Ibis, and Lopez brought home $2,000 University scholarships. 


Grand Canyon University issued 10 scholarships to RRHS Students. Luna, Chacon Quintero, and Magallanes won prizes worth $7,500 each. Cabello won one valued at $6,500. Paz, Emmanuel Osorio, and Chavez won awards worth $5,500. Christian Gonzalez, Lynette Moraga, Samantha Zermeno each came away with $3,000 prizes.


Batriz and Ramirez-Rangel garnered $6,000 New Mexico State University out-of-state scholarships.


Five students won athletic scholarships. Bianca Cruz won a scholarship worth up to $72,000 to play soccer at Arizona Christian University. Lunderville won a Blue Chip Scholarship valued at up to $42,000 at the University of Arizona.


 Athletic scholarships worth up to $7,000 were won by the following: Chavez, basketball at Pima Community College; Renteria, soccer at Cochise Community College; and Garcilazo, softball at Mesa Community College.

 The military awarded scholarships, as well. Meras, Espinoza-Cervantes, Sebastian Havenar, Antonio Motta II, Alan Ramirez, Diego Garcia, Ulisses Cota-Maldonado, and Alejandro De La Rosa each won Navy G.I. Bill scholarships worth up to $90,000.


 Duerkop, Felix Sauceda, Kenneth Altamirano, Thomas Villa and Jennifer Villa each were awarded Army scholarships worth up to $200,732. Fabian Serrano was awarded a G.I. Bill scholarship worth $54,000 by the Army National Guard.